The 8th IARU Region 3 Amateur Radio Direction Finding Championship is to be based in Maldon, near the large provincial city of Bendigo in Victoria, Australia. It is to be hosted by the Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA) and events will be contested in the Bendigo/Maldon area from Friday 23rd September to Wednesday 28th September 2011. The Victorian ARDF Group, which is organising the event, is expecting in excess of 100 participants from member societies in Region 3 including Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, New Zealand, and Australia. Also expected are other competitors from countries such as USA, Canada, Mongolia and Kazakhstan. WIA is sponsoring this important event and assisting the organising committee with financial backing. The Bendigo District in Victoria is a historic gold mining area, just over 2 hours drive from Melbourne and about 2 hours drive from Melbourne Airport. Optional transport can be provided from Melbourne Airport to the accommodation at a cost to the competitor.
Check out the Australian team's progress on the ARDF blog at http://blog.ardf.org.au!
Please note: The Victorian ARDF Group are strong supporters of Orienteering Victoria's No Smoking Policy. We ask you to please respect this decision and refrain from smoking at the competition. For more information about smoking regulations in Victoria, see http://www.health.vic.gov.au/tobaccoreforms/smokers.htm.
A DVD of the event is available for credit card purchase via the WIA bookshop.*
* A $10 postage and packaging fee will be automatically added for any Australian orders